Jane Beatrice

Jane Beatrice

The focus of my writing and painting is to reclaim the Divine Feminine as the source of all creation challenging the assumption of a male God. My view is that patriarchal religions across the world have usurped the power of the Divine Mother, Gaia, who predates traditional world religions by eons.

I see the cosmos and life upon earth as interconnected. I believe everything is one organism, indivisible from the source.

This view of the world seems to me to be particularly potent in the light of our current planetary and human suffering, when the need for healing, love, compassion and a revolutionary change in life-styles seems our only hope for survival. Structures, with an emphasis on power, hierarchy and empire have led the world to the brink of extinction.

I walk along the coast and through the green fields and look and see and feel nature. I write, I draw and paint.

Through the Markmakers workshops I have been exploring the recycling of materials, such as discarded paintings and old magazines transforming them into new images, waves of colour and collage and connecting these images to poetry.

Throughout lockdown, Markmakers has brought me opportunities to play with shape, colour, words and materials through the technology of zoom. I feel COVID is partly responsible for the unexpected gift of saying yes to joy through art making.

Your Beloveds Are With You

Tell me, is this the parable of the 

Prodigal Mother returned 

After forever in the wilderness?

Mother of falling stars

The Great Universal Mother 

The Goddess of all

Shut out, sent down, called witch,

As if that’s a bad thing.

The Great Mother laughs

The cosmos ripples

Whole galaxies fall apart.

From Her bones chaos, 

The universe, the stars, the planets 

Were all built 

Waltzing the earth awake

On the rhythm of Her feet

Fermenting the stars alive

She breathes 

Verdant green and

Gentle words into lush grass,

The warmest chestnut,

Bold azure and soft cherry blossom.

Inside us She grows a soft meadow of magical 

Chamomile, poppy and calendula.

Yours is the tenderness of the way

Where the darkness takes the night’s hand.

You are where salt water meets sweet

Great Creatrix of fragile fluid things,

Wild woodland nymph who spilled

Whole forests from Your tongue.

The great grey cities are all You too

The jewelled throat of The Queen of Heaven.

You are the miraculous day,

The dark of the singular night

And as you rise

Your beloveds are with you.