Rachael 2

Rachael Bennett

For this exhibition I have made 3 pieces of work, all of which in differing ways show the emotional residue within landscape, the sense of place and people that is still present in ancient environments such as Dartmoor, where past lives have physically and emotionally shaped the land and left their story.

In Natural Art the plant life imprinted in Dartmoor’s granite walls, stones and lanes, where life merges, fuses and softens the harsh environment over time and the stone continue to pulsate with life.

ForeShadow embraces the wider working landscape forged into stone and earth over years of toil and ingenuity. Here I have used stitch as my mark making tool: the pace, rhythm  and historical contexts of returning to work with threads has personal and historical resonance for me.

Shelter is made from collaged papers produced after spending time sketching on location at Powderham Castle. Here the specimen trees have been planned and landscaped over history and have encompassed and merged with place and time while providing physical and emotional 

image: NarturalArt 9 piece panel Mixed media and collage on canvas £900 93 x 77 cm